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I have watched with dismay the last several years, as thoughtful, educated, mainstream Republicans in congress have “run for the hills” instead of engaging in the fight for the true conservative soul of the party.    Many intelligent Republicans are unable to address the current issues so important to voters today – in the 21st Century.   Our world has changed and continues to change every day.   We cannot avoid this change.   Change will happen with or without us!   I want to join others to adapt our fundamental beliefs in limited government, as well as personal and fiscal responsibility, to the realities of today’s world instead of giving in to an unfocussed liberalism and increased deficit spending.

To be a vital party we must boldly face the future.  America has always been changing dynamically.  It is what makes us a great people.  Americans embrace change – we do not run from it!  Our constitution issues a clarion call with, “We the people…”  We must be a party that is listening to the needs and aspirations of all.  Both parties have been captive to their “elites”.  If we continue with a national popularity of 20+% as a party, we are irrelevant!  We must reach out to all groups and regions of the country with a positive message for the future.  We MUST find an inclusive and common sense message.  I intend to help build a great Republican Party of the future!