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There is a systemic problems for most representatives in staying continuously and personally connected to voters.   It is a HUGE TEMPTATION for established politicians to only listen to the same people constantly and ignore the rest of us!   To stay in contact with and be accountable to constituents, I will maintain a very robust Congressional Office(s) in the district, including a volunteer “District Liaison Committee” made up of 3 voters from 4 to 6 major areas of the district, comprised of 1 Republican, 1 Democrat, and 1 non-partisan, independent or “other” comprising a total of 12-18 voters.  This Liaison Committee will be charged with continuously looking for input from voters on federal issues before congress, studying those issues, and advising me on the current sentiment in the 8th district.  These committee members will be expected to be in communication with voters on a regular basis.  They will meet in person with me 3-4 times a year to discuss issues and make recommendations to me.  The purpose of this committee is to enable me to have better local input across the political spectrum consistently.  When the needs of the district are in conflict with special interests and or with my party’s stated position, I can point to “this is what my district is asking of me.”

My goal is to set the standard for the best two way communication between any member of congress and the voters.