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We need a major investment in our national infrastructure, that is targeted toward future economic growth, and includes a means to pay for the investment!  This is also important for our national defense.  I would recommend an infrastructure bank that could fast track programs, get rid of red tape, and ensure we not repeat past mistakes such as building in future flood prone areas. 

At this moment China, our greatest competitor, has just initiated a 1 to 2.5 TRILLION DOLLAR investment in a Belt and Road Initiative, including state of the art rail, road and port systems across most of Eurasia – from England through the Persian Gulf to Africa, India and Southeast Asia.  This high-speed transportation of goods and services, as well as communication gives them a huge competitive advantage.  These are our major foreign markets and jobs that China is threatening.  If we do not remain competitive, we put our children and grandchildren at a SEVERE disadvantage economically.  We must invest now to stimulate future economic growth.