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A continuous 2000-mile physical wall on our southern border is not the best nor most practical solution.  We need to strengthen “smart” border security through increased technology and equipment as we concentrate on rapid removal of those who are caught having entered illegally.  We also need to be practical with policies and priorities that are in the best interest of America.   We must find a way where people already here for decades, who are willing to work hard in jobs that the rest of us don’t want, together with individuals who represent the best and brightest of the world’s entrepreneurs and professionals, are able to participate fully in building America.  We must ensure a meaningful way to incorporate those with the skills that we need into our society without a blanket ban on all immigration.  I’ve personally worked many times in my former position to bring in skilled people needed for our business, when we were unable to find the right American to fill the role.  The process was horrible, disjointed, and inefficient to put it mildly.