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With the removal of the individual mandate in the recent tax reform legislation, we need to double down on how we are going to make healthcare premiums affordable for the average person.  With the removal of the mandate, the costs of health insurance will probably rise for those who need it.  The public has already spoken dearly that voters still want some form of partnership of private/public involvement, as the previous bill to strictly repeal Obamacare without a replacement polled at under 20%.  We would ignore that to our peril.  Now we must find a way to make health care work in the best way possible. 

These is still a lot of waste hiding throughout the healthcare industry and we need to be willing to take on directly the various sectors of the industry if they refuse to accept change.  For example - it shouldn’t require multiple layers of administrative people (on both the medical and insurance sides) to process claims.  I will aggressively work in a serious bipartisan effort for the best public/private health care at the least cost and least government regulation possible in the future.