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A strong national defense is essential and we must continue this with a multi prong approach that has worked very well for us the last 70+ years.  Our first line of defense is a strong economy.  Long term there cannot be a strong military without a strong economy.  The former Soviet Union and Russia learned this lesson the hard way and lost the cold war. 

We need to reinforce international alliances.  We need our allies and our allies need us.  Our international alliances multiply both American hard and soft power.  I would push hard to reinvigorate our past and current alliances, while also supporting an increase in both hard and soft power, through such institutions as the Department of State and other agencies of international cooperation. 

Recent geopolitical moves of China are an open attempt to supplant us as the number one influence and power within the world.  This is a direct response to rising American isolationism.  We are very quickly facing an existential threat from China to our way of life, economically, militarily, in research, development and technology.