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The Constitution of the United States protects the right to bear arms in the 2nd amendment.  That is the highest protection possible for the right to gun ownership.  That is settled law!  However, our judicial system is permitted to limit the rights of convicted felons and those judged mentally unfit to exercise their normal rights.  The issue before us is not if we have the right to own guns, but can convicted felons and terrorists be limited in exercising that right.  I will consider each bill that comes before me with these two questions, plus the counsel of the voters of this district.

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Once again our children have been assaulted and cut down by the insane gun violence of our society!    I am sick and tired of the political establishment dodging the issue, saying there is nothing we can do.     What answer do we GIVE to the following questions? https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/15/politics/mom-pleads-with-trump-after-daughter-slain-in-school-shooting-newsroom-brooke-baldwin-cnntv/index.html      

Few candidates are willing to truly take on this very tough issue.

As a Republican, I will introduce legislation that does not limit the rights of law abiding citizens to bear arms, but limits the rights of felons and those mentally ill or who make violent public threats against our schools and public safety.   I will also call for enhanced security training for our schools.

Updated 2-15-18